About Us


In early 2010, a team of people felt called to plant a new congregation rooted in the scriptures and the heritage of the Lutheran Christian Church. By March of that year, a group of about 50 had gathered in homes to worship. We quickly outgrew our homes and moved to a local middle school where we gathered weekly until 2014. There, we learned that the Church has nothing to do with a building, rather the people gathering together for prayer and worship, being sent into the world to love and serve like Jesus. Our congregation has continued to grow in depth and number. We now stand 175 strong and reach to the community with programs designed to share Jesus’ tangible love daily.


We use the term Mission Partner rather than Member because we believe commitment is about what you have to give. Whereas Membership “has its privileges,” Mission Partners are here to serve.

Living Examples: First and foremost we should each strive to be living examples of Jesus in our world. This does not mean that we do so perfectly or without sin; however, we must all honestly admit our wrongs and pursue a lifestyle that reflects the biblical values taught to us by Jesus. We strive to live this way not because it earns us any reward but because it opens the way for others to receive Christ and be reconciled to God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Loving Confrontation: We do not expect to live together without conflict. In fact we believe that our greatest growth as a congregation can come from conflict handled well. We expect every mission partner of Radiant Church to abide by Matthew 18:18b-ff and confront in love anyone with whom they have a personal issue. We also seek to uphold the principles found in Philippians 2, considering others as more important than ourselves, and James 3, speaking well of one another even in disagreement.

Joyful Giving: While the New Testament prescribes no set amount for giving we recognize that the entire breadth of the scriptures sees a joyful and generous heart as God’s ideal for the Christian. Mission partners of Radiant Church are expected to give abundantly to the kingdom of God. It is also expected that mission partners will make Radiant Church the primary recipient of their kingdom giving. This amount given to the Church serves as a reminder that all we have comes from God. At least a tithe of all funds received by the church will go on to other ministries outside of the congregation.

Reaching Out: In the scripture the word “evangelize” simply means to bring good news. In all we do, each mission partner is expected to bring the good news of abundant life in Jesus Christ and reconciliation with God through him to our friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers. This means actively inviting those in our circles of influence to events and worship services of Radiant Church. We believe that our lives, far more than our words, will reveal Christ in the world. Thus, we do not expect every mission partner to be a Christian Apologist; however, each one of us should be ready, as Peter states, to give an answer for the hope that we have in Jesus in a gentle and respectful manner.