Our Mission


What we are called to do

Radiant Church exists to authentically be the Church, reaching out to the world with tangible love of Jesus.



How we are going to do it

Live together as a community where people turn and return to God, through the promise of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, investing time and resources into meeting the needs of the community and the world. We seek first to love as Jesus loved and serve as he served.


Guiding Values

Who we are called to be

Listen to God – Talk of God – Love Like God – Serve like God


Why is our nameĀ “Radiant Church?”

All throughout the Bible, in both the Hebrew and the Christian Scripture, the word “radiant” has been used to describe people who have been close to God and some of him has rubbed off on them. Moses’ face would be radiant after meeting with God, the people who trust in God were described as radiant, and in Ephesians 5:27 Jesus’ Radiant Church will one day be presented to him like a bride on her wedding day. We desire to be the kind of people who are “radiant” with this kind of self sacrificial love that ascribes unsurpassable worth to all we meet.