Alive: With Burning Hearts

Group / Family Discussion Guide


Describe a time in your life of great disappointment, uncertainty, and/or confusion. What did it feel like? What did you do?



  1. To fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of. 2. To frustrate or thwart:


This Weeks Learning Goal

This week we are learning to live in trust that Jesus’ Resurrection resurrects in us the power to access a deeper level of trust through the Holy Spirit.


Read John 10:1-18

Before his death on the cross, Jesus describes what his relationship with his followers is like. Jesus had just healed a blind man and made the point that the spiritual leaders of the day were blind of heart. In light of the resurrection here are a few questions to consider.

  •     What is it like for you to listen to and hear the voice of God in your life?
  •     Jesus came to bring “Superabundant life,” What do you think that is? How does it affect our regular life today?


Read John 14:15-19, 25-27

On Jesus’ last night with his disciples he promises to send the “Paraclete” of helper. This is a Greek meaning “The one called along side.”

  •     Remembering the reading from John 10, how can the helper connect us with the superabundant life that Jesus promised?
  •     Jesus revives in us the pace where we were designed to be connected with God. What is the byproduct of the Holy Spirit Residing in this place?


Read Luke 24:13-35

Jesus appears to two of his disciples walking along the road to Emmaus on the day of his resurrection. In this story, the Holy Spirit had not yet come so Jesus engages with them for the same purpose and with much of the same method as the Holy Spirit works in us today. He meets them in their disappointment, confusion, and uncertainty. He keeps their eyes closed to his true identity so that the work he is doing in them can take place before the joy of his revealing.

  1. Describe a time when God was walking with you and you were unaware of it?
  2. How did the HS minister to you and remind you of the true heart and character of God in the middle of adversity?
  3. Describe a time when your heart burned within you? What was the outcome?
  4. How have you come to recognize God working in your life today?
  5. What did Jesus revelation through the breaking of bread do for the disciples? What was their response? Describe a time when you realized God has been with us and up to something big in your life.



Take a few moments to write down any observations you noticed in these texts about God, his character, and who we are in light of that. Take a minute to share with your group.



Jot down a few ways these observations can help you connect with God this week and grow as a disciples (Learner) of Jesus. Take a minute to share with your group.



Write a brief prayer based on what your learned in these texts and share it with your group as you all prayer together for one another