Summer Harvest:  Food program to feed children during summer months when school lunches are not available.

Contact: Amy Payne 

Angels of Love:  Volunteer your time in making and distributing angels to those who are sick and in need of prayer.

Contact: Rick Cryder

Radiant Serves Volunteer to serve within the Radiant community in Children’s Ministry, Radiant Riders, Sunday Shine Service Team, and Prayer Team.

Contact: Nancy Caltagirone through:

Smart Help: Need some help around the house? The Smart Home Group is ready willing and able to help you with light repair. Want to volunteer? Lets us know. Maintenance work should be 4 hours or less for 5 people.

Contact: Maraley Shaeffer through:

Common Ground: Common Ground seeks to restore communities to the love of Christ by providing at-risk youth with Community, Restoration, and Adventure. You can help by providing meals for local surf camps and volunteers to help as youth leaders.

Contact:  Matt at thecommonground website


Acres of Love

A Child and Youth Care Center and nonprofit organization that helps orphans in South Africa. Acres of Love seeks to rescue children and create families so children can thrive. There are about 3.8 million orphans in South Africa, and about 1 in 5 orphans have no home. 2.5 million of the 3.8 million have lost a parent or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Acres of Love provides the orphans with a home, family, love, care, and hope.

For more information, visit

Baja Love Outreach

Radiant Church believes that God has called us all to care for the widow and orphan, those who have no voice in society. Kent Ferrin, co-founder of Baja Love Outreach, has been going to Mexico and serving the needs of El Reino De Los Ninos (translated from Spanish to Kids Kingdom) for over 27 years. Recently, Kent and his wife Chappell decided to follow what they believe was God’s tugging on their hearts to start a nonprofit that supported more orphanages. A prayer was answered and Baja Love Outreach was born. Baja Love Outreach took on five orphanages in the Ensenada area, two of which are special needs. Baja Love Outreach provides orphans with clothing, food, medical aides, uniforms, gifts, and other supplemental needs.

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Kelly Kosky Ministries

Kelly Kosky is the Director and Founder of Transkei Victory Christian Ministries, which reaches out to the rural tribal Xhosa villages and the men who live in the city shack towns. He is also the Director of African New Life Ministries, which focuses on the Xhosa people living in the ghettos. In addition, the Kosky’s work with World Outreach Ministries in Marietta, Georgia, a charitable organization that gives oversight to all their financial affairs. The Lord has worked through their ministry over the following 25 years to reach tens of thousands of Xhosa people. With the Lord’s help, the Kosky’s have started over 100 Xhosa speaking churches and established a Xhosa Bible School which opened in 2001. Kelly has over 100 Xhosa leaders whom he is currently discipling and who are in great need of structured Bible training.

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