Preschool - 5th Grade

Welcome to Kids Ministry

Our vision for kids at Radiant is to inspire them to follow Jesus and share his love with others. Our mission as a church is to make disciples of all people – including kids! We seek to do this by partnering with parents in nurturing the spiritual development of each child and encourage them to actively participate in worship, community, and mission, both individually and with their children.

As parents, God has given you the incredible role of being the primary former of faith for your children. The Kids Ministry team members serve as partners who can help you walk your child through each phase of life with the goal of launching them into adulthood as mature followers of Jesus. Therefore, we have adopted an integrated, comprehensive, age and stage-based curriculum and strategy that is designed to do just that.

This is not the traditional Sunday School model that you’re used to. It’s a small group model that emphasizes spiritual formation over education, making disciples over just teaching the Bible, gathering in circles instead of classrooms, dialogue and community over presenting the lesson, and relationships over content. Social time, games, activities, worship and story all lead to and support the small group. Of course, the content of the Gospel doesn’t change, but the methods we use to share it most certainly do.